What is PSG certified safety eye-wear

What is PSG certified safety eye-wear

Workers in Australia and in developing cities like Melbourne experience eye injuries on the job for two major reasons:

  1. No eyewear protection on site
  2. Wrong eyewear protection (which means that they were wearing something wrong instead)

Australia’s Work and Health Safety Act of 2011 enforces all employers to provide protective gear to their resources. While almost all safety glasses are safety compliant, PSG Eyewear is one of the very few that get certified by a third-party expert. We at The Spectacle Site only house PSG certified products because of this reason. Having an independent body audit and certify a product adds authenticity to the makers claim. Considering all these steps are being taken for safety, we feel its important to go with the best. PSG is licensed to manufacture prescription safety eyewear under SAI Lic# SMKH21382

It’s also better to assess hazards at home and during recreation and make an educated guess on whether they are needed in your home as well. For example, if your hobbies relate to home improvement projects or working with heavy duty equipment its imperative that you get yourselves a pair of safety glasses.

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