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Designer sunglasses from top Australian & international brands. We have the largest variety of designer frames under one roof! 

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The Great Outdoors

If you love the outdoors, wearing the right pair of sunglasses can make it extra special.

For Those Long Drives

Whether you into sunset drives or your off to a music concert you’ll need a pair of shades to take along with you for the ride. Our premium brands of shades help you look sharpest no matter where you’re planning to go.

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For The Professional

Let’s admit it, these designer frames aren’t just made for vision. You’re looking at the world in a different perspective, and so why hide it. Your career is important to you, so it makes sense that you get something that helps you represent who you are at work.

For The Sporty

If you live and breathe sports, then these aerodynamic frames make these an excellent choice for sport enthusiasts. The sharp contours of these frames make them feel light, so they don’t feel like a hassle when you’re running a marathon.

Sports Glasses

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