Safety Glasses for Work and Home Use

Safety Glasses for Work and Home Use

For Work:

When it comes to work, the choice of safety glasses depends on your type of work. Wearing a specific type of safety glasses is mandatory for some work fields. A safety officer usually helps to determine which level of protection (basic impact or high impact) is needed for your job duties.

In Australia, occupations that require high impact protection safety glasses are:

    • Carpenters
    • Plumbers and pipe fitters
    • Machinists
    • Millwrights
    • Laborers

    Safety Glasses for Home:

    Whether its some menial work like mowing your lawn or something bigger like redoing your pation, its always better to wear protective eyewear to save you from suspended particles or objects. In such scenarios, your best bet is to choose frames that are durable against high impact. If you need prescription safety glasses, you purchase these with a valid eyeglass prescription written by a licensed optician.

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