How to Prevent Eye Injuries

How to Prevent Eye Injuries

In Australia, More than two in five eye injuries were due to a foreign body in the eye.

Choosing the right eye protection is important. A basic understanding of safe work practices could lessen the severity of or even prevent a high percentage of eye injuries in the workplace. Considering Melbourne is seeing a huge development boom, it’s always a good idea to discuss some easy tips to prevent eye injury.

Create a Safe Work Environment.

Make sure that any tools in the workplace are placed safely around you. It’s always better to assign tools to individuals with the most experience and make sure that the working area is covered from all sides (including bystanders).

Use smart workplace safety practices.

It’s always better to properly dust or clean a machine before using it. Also, make sure you remember to clean your eyewear, a dusty eyewear limits your vision and that’s never good!

Wear the right gear

Understand the dynamics of your work and choose the appropriate eye protection for yourself. Before starting always make sure that the eyewear is in an acceptable condition and that it fits on your face perfectly and doesn’t move.

Book an appointment with The Spectacle Site if you’re looking for prescription safety glasses in Melbourne. Or, Click here to get some more information on safety glasses. For any immediate medical attention after an eye injury, go straight to your medical doctor.