How do I Know if I Need Glasses?

How do I Know if I Need Glasses?

Glasses – are people wearing them as a fashion accessory or because they really need them? The fun part is that it is probably both! Many people are seen wearing glasses these days, as there is a style and colour combo to suit everyone. The bigger problem is that many more people actually need to be wearing glasses to improve their vision and for eye-sight correction, but haven’t had their eyes checked so they aren’t aware.

Like seeing the dentist, and having regular health checks, seeing the Optometrist should be a biennial event. Even better basic eye-checks are covered by Medicare every 3 years, or every year if you are over 65! However most of us don’t seem to put it into our regular list of things to do.

The reason you have ended up on this article is possibly that you are having some annoying symptoms like tired eyes, squinting or headaches, and want to know if you might need glasses. Well the answer is maybe!

Read on to find out some of the main signs and symptoms that you may need glasses:



Sometimes you might get a headache when looking down at work on your table, and then up to a whiteboard or to your colleague talking on the other side of the room. This may be caused by the mechanism that helps your lens focus from near to far working over-time causing the small muscles in your eye to strain – bringing about your headaches.


Are you getting tired more quickly reading than you used to. Are you finding yourself squinting to blinking to bring things into focus? Long periods of driving in bright sunlight or night glare, or reading off a small mobile phone screen can often be the cause of these tired eye symptoms. Take regular breaks and ensure rooms you are in are well lit, and brighten your device screens so you can see more clearly as the first steps. If it persists, head in to your optometrist.


If you find you are having to hold your book closer or further away than you used to as it is fuzzy, this might be a sign that you are becoming near or farsighted. Not being able to recognize your friends as they approach, or read signs may also be a sign of these things. Try resting your eyes more, and drink more water, but if things still seem blurry time to get those eyes checked.


If you are struggling to see at night, or you are not feeling confident driving in the dark it may be a sign of early cataracts. Make sure you get booked in ASAP.


Is it stress? Is the actual work boring? Or is this a sign that you are becoming farsighted? Make sure every 20 minutes you are looking away from your screen and give your eyes a short rest. If this isn’t resolving the problem schedule an eye exam.


Are you having troubles adjusting from bright lights to darkness.  This is quite commonplace and can just be a sign of ageing. However if you are seeing light halos around objects especially in the dark this could be a cataract or a corneal problem. It is definitely worth getting those eyes checked.


If colours are appearing faded, or straight lines are appearing wavy, or you are seeing double these can be symptoms of a range of issues from drinking too much alcohol, to macular degeneration or cataracts developing. These are often associated with ageing which is why if you are Over 65 you should be locking in yearly eye exams.

These symptoms in and of themselves may not mean you need glasses, or that you have an eye problem. Staying healthy, having a balanced diet and being hydrated are great ways to maintain eye health. Making sure the lighting in your room is right and not creating glare on your screens to cause eye strain, and letting your eyes have a break every 20 minutes are all ways to assist with these symptoms. If after all that you are still suffering from one or more of these symptoms contact us today at The Spectacle Site to have your eyes checked by our Optometrists and if indeed you do need a set of spectacles we can help you choose the perfect pair! If they have resolved make sure you diarise an eye-exam every few years so you won’t have to worry next time you have any symptoms.

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