Glasses Repair

Designer, vintage, or reading glasses; if you love them, they deserve a second chance.

Eyeglasses Repair

Eyeglass and eyeglass frame repair is our specialty. We will tend to your damaged spectacles with teh highest level of care and professionalism. If your glasses are under warranty, you might be eligible to get a new frame or a new part.

Sunglasses Repair

You love your sunglasses but sometimes you’re sloppy habits can damage them.Or sometimes they might just break.
We specialize in the repair of broken branded sunglasses and sunglasses frames. Why throw your favorite pair when you can get them repaired by us?

Eyeglasses Replacement Parts

Give new life to your old frames and bring them to us for the parts they need. We have all the necessary parts that we can install on your eyeglasses and sunglasses, restoring them to excellent condition.